Welcome to the VisionLab

The Visionlab engages in internationally-recognised research and knowledge transfer in signal and image processing, with an emphasis on algorithms which exploit electro-optic data. Our work encompasses applications such as: surveillance; human behaviour inference; detection and tracking; analysis of shape in 3D; range image and LiDAR analysis for e.g. forest canopy penetration; anomaly detection in multiple data sources; driver assistance via multi-modal sensing; collaborative robotics.

We are funded by a range of prestigious research grants. These include the EPSRC Platform Grant in Signal Processing and the EPSRC-DSTL Programme Grant for Signal Processing in the Networked Battlespace. Recent awards include the EU FP7 LOCOBOT programme on human-robot audio and video communication, and the EPSRC award (Rathlin) to develop embedded vision for smart camera networks. With the Ocean Systems Lab and Informatics at Edinburgh University we are working on novel Robotic Sensing in outdoor environments for situational awareness, as one of the “8 Great Technologies”, funded by BIS through EPSRC. We are also part of the recently-announced Centre for Doctoral Training in the same topic.

The Visionlab is part of the Edinburgh Research Partnership in Signal and Image Processing and the Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems and collaborates extensively with Industry, including Thales, Roke Manor, QinetiQ, BAE Systems and Selex in the UK. and Audi, Ferrobotics and Profactor in the European Union.